Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chaudhry v Punja

Hari Punja, arguably Fijis richest man, met with the Interim PM, Commodore Frank Bainimarama to complain about the exchanges between his company and Interim Finance Minister , M.P Chaudhry.

This meeting takes on greater significance in that Commodore Bainimarama met with Hari Punja when his Finance Minister had declined his numerous requests.

Well placed sources in Government Building indicate that Commodore Bainimarama was sending a not too subtle message to Chaudhry that while MPC may be the man controlling the money, he is the BOSS.

It is reported that Hari Punja has put on hold $30 m of planned investments because of "changing rules" as he put it.

It appears that Mr Punja is a bit upset that he no longer has preferential treatment at the Ministry of Finance like he did in the past. He is also upset that preferential tax concessions that were available to him have been removed meaning he has to operate like any other business.

Documents seized by the authorities, indicate that previously Mr Punja had been promised a tax holiday for up to 50 years on his proposed factory meaning that effectively, Fiji taxpayers wouls have subsidised his business gamble.

The history between the Punjas and MPC is well known to all in Fiji. MPC had removed the tariffs on imported rice after coming to power in 1999 and this had caused major losses to the Punja rice empire.

The Punjas never forgave him for this and according to former CRW solider, Barabados Mills, a high chief had promised each CRW soldier $100,000 for their part in the coup. Money which according to him "came from Harry".

Is Hari Punja the elsuive Harry?

This account was backed up by former head of 3FIR, Lt Col. Seruvakula who was offered $200,00 to take his 3FIR into Parliament, as revealed to the Loyal Fijian some years ago before he left for NZ.


Anonymous said...

Let Hari and other corrupt and greedy gujjus feel the pinch. Keep up the good work IG.

Anonymous said...

The Guggi community has been sucking the bllod of ordinary Fijians and Indians for decades. Can the interim goverment please take these greddy people to account and check their business operations. They have millions stached away but are crying poor after the floods. Dr Raju is stupid to suggest tax free concessions for business in Nadi.
Hari Punja, Tappoo and Motibhai are all greddy and selfish. Please Frank charge them twice the tax you charge grassroot people.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the above comments..the gujju community shud be given a spank on the back n it shd be made sure that they are not looting our communities

Anonymous said...

Stop comments,zip up and work hard.i guess hari must have worked hard at one stage and survive a great deal of hardship and trying times.we are the best at this,idle and comment with tunnel vision.ask ourselve,how much is Hari worth now?

Anonymous said...

I Total agree with all the above comments. It is very true that Fiji is not developing in anyhow unless or until this greedy businessmen are around. Yes there are some Gujarati's for whom Money is the only thing and labours are nothing.
Just dig out there VAT return forms and see. I bet what they try to show is very less. They are very smart in hiding money, but you can see them when it coming to recieving. They want first class service but are worth nothing. They dont have a heart to feel equal or give some and lets others live happily as well, but instead make others their slaves. Just see the wages rate PUNJAS giving to their staff and see the income they recive. They increase the product range ASAP but wages, they never think of it.
I also salute our Prime Minister as he is the best and i know he knows whats the best to do.