Monday, January 14, 2008

BALLU, NLTB and the ordinary Fijian

When Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, the greatest Fijian of all time, a statesman, a soldier, a true leader, proposed the idea of the NLTB, he had the interests of the ordinary Fijian in mind.

The Fijian who was struggling to make ends meet, the Fijian who wished to send his kids to school but couldn't afford it, the Fijian woman who toiled day and night to put food on the table but had to go to bed hungry because there wasn't enough.

He was thinking of the common man and woman, of the Fijian child who could put to good use the royalties that would accrue from their land.

Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna was a visionary.

The events of the past has revealed how some greedy and "well connected" businessman have managed to collude and conspire with some "fat cats" to use this erstwhile body to enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary Fijian.

The money that should be going into the villages to build schools, secure drinking water, build roads and health centres is being squandered by a select few who are abusing their positions.

Ballu Khan is one such example. Just by giving $10,000 to some rugby club does not make him our saviour.

It just proves how cunning a businessman Ballu is. A Renowned military strategist once said many years ago "Identify their weakness and exploit it". That is exactly what Ballu is doing.
The only person Ballu is serving is himself and his "business partners".

If Ballu was so interested in investing his money for the welfare of Fijians why does he need a loan of $2.4 m USD from the NLTB?

This money belongs to the ordinary and poor Fijians, it is not for the fat cats to use as if it were their own.


Ricardo said...

I read this blog because there are no threats of "assassinations", no bomb-manking instructions.


Sitiveni said...

AMEN 2 that!