Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weatherman Sleeping on the Job

Fiji has just ensured a damaging cyclone. Numerous people have lost their lives. Damage in the millions of dollars has occurred.
Nadi Town is still under water. Electricity has only been restored to many parts of Suva and many parts are still streuggling with intermittent water supply.
Cyclone Gene came as a suprise to many.
Beacause the weatherman resident in Martintar Nadi, whose job it is to warn the people of Fiji of impending natural disasters was sleeping on the job.
Rajendra Prasad was caught napping when Fiji needed him the most.
What good is your weather warning system when a cyclone is raging through parts of the country but people have been given no advanced warning to prepare.
Maybe its time Mr Prasad hadnded the baton to someone more capable.
Wonder what the relevant Minister will do about this?

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