Friday, February 1, 2008


The decomposing body of a  woman was found in mangrove swamps yesterday in Naria , Rakiraki.
Unless you have been on another planet, you would know that Naria was the place where 3 sisters vanished after going on a "picnic" with Dip Chand, the fisherman. Dip Chand's case has recently been sent for re-trial as was reported by Loyal Fijian in an earlier post.
Is this the body of one of the 3 SISTERS?
There is a real possibility that it could be. Or it could be the body of another young girl who had disappeared some months prior to the disappearnce of the 3 sisters.
Fiji police forensic experts and a team of detectives arrived in Naria to investigate the discovery of body parts .

The find of the body had been preced by the discovery 3 days earlier of a human wrist in the same mangrove swamp.
Does the wrist belong to the same female?
Amazingly the Fiji Police did not mount a full scale serach of the mangroves until a womna looking for "naqari" found the body wrapped in a FSC issue fertilizer bag.
Is one of Fijis greatest murder mysteries about to be solved?

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