Thursday, February 14, 2008

If Only Jim Ah Koys Heart Had Held Up

An old wily fox's name has cropped up again around the tanoa the other night.

No, not Berenado Vunibobo, the silver fox as he liked to be called.

JIM AH KOY. Thats who!

The last we heard of Jim, he was supposed to take up a cushy little job as Ambassador in China. Jim is half Chinese and the thinking in Ro Lady Mara House was that might curry some favor from the Chinese.

A $80 m loan to finish the Road Upgrade Project on the Kings Road maybe, or some moolah tp meet the pay increase on the cards for public servants.

This was more , how should we put it, Interesting.

You see, there has been so much talk about the Man Behind the Mask and his "dealings" with FIRCA, that certain members of the Military Council were beginning to get a bit jittery.

Here they were trying to fight corruption, it was a Clean Up Campaign after all, not a coup, and the Man Behind the Mask was the one being accused of mega-corruption.

Add to that a certain ex-Minister who has now devoted his energy to exposing his nemesis. He has some scores to settle thats for sure. And it helps that he has access to the big boys on the Military Council.

And so a plan was hatched.

Replace the Man Behind the Mask with the Wily old Fox. Not the Berenado type, but the Jim Ah Koy type.

According to very well placed sources, Jim was In. A sure shot, a certainity.

Unfortunately, Mr Ah Koy recently suffered a heart attack . Our thoughts and well wishes are with him.

As for the Man Behind the Mask , he survives again!

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