Monday, December 10, 2007

The Minister Behind the Mask

It has been reported that a Minister in the Interim Government has failed to lodge his tax returns for a number of financial periods and he owed a significant sum of money to FIRCA for outstanding taxes.

It has also been reported that the same Minister has over $950,000 in one bank account.

If this is true, it would be an astonishing amount of money for any one person to accumulate .

Given that we don't have the business community represented in the IG cabinet, it is hard to fathom how anyone could have accumulated that much money.

I mean its almost a million dollars in cash, that is just sitting there. And furthermore, it was also reported that other bank accounts belonging to the same IG Minister remain unaccounted for.

Loyal Fijian stands against corruption and hypocrites, whoever you may be AND WE WILL ALWAYS REPORT THE FACTS INDEPENDENTLY AND IMPARTIALLY.

The IG Minister (who has not been named ) must immediately stand down from the IG cabinet until investigations have been completed.

We have previously written about how FICAC's actions have on occasion looked like settling personal scores.

Was there an ulterior motive in sacking Tevita Banuve, we wonder? Was he asking questions that had the Minister implicated all shook up?

Why is Filipe Bole tiptoeng around the issue???


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Na wekamu dina said...

Once again you are impartial and fearless and I think you are right:
the care Felipe Bole is using with his words is no accident. There
must be something there. As no name has been mentioned for the minister he could have stated the results of the investigation without
disclosing personal information. But he didn't. Is he failing in his duty as Chairman in not being more transparent? You should pursue this
without flagging!