Monday, December 17, 2007

STALEMATE in the IG Cabinet

There seems to be a STALEMATE in the IG Cabinet.
After all the bluster and bravado that appeared in the media some weeks ago of "sackings and demotions", there has been a lull in activity.
Successive IG Cabinet meetings passed without any decisions being made public about the fate of the "Gang of Four" who were to lose their positions.
Interim PM put off the decision on the Cabinet reshuffles a number of times.
Mr Anendra Prasad, the motor vehicle brakes repairer, went from being Minister for Lands-in-waiting to Asst Minister for Local Councils-if lucky.
Why is it that the hard language of last month of "sackings, demotions, of non-performance, of new blood", gave way to uncertainty and wavering.
Well,folks, there is an ongoing battle in the IG cabinet, for influence and for the ears of the IG Leader.
Last month, it appeared that one faction had managed to floor the Bune faction to the extent that their leader Mr Poseci Bune was about to lose his job. But something happened that changed things ..........
That something goes by the name of Anendra Prasad.  Mr Prasad was stupid enought o go to the media claiming he was going to be the next Minister for Lands and had been approached by someone in the IG Cabinet.
Only problem was Frank knew NOTHING about this. That's when things began to unravel.........
Stay tuned............

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