Sunday, January 20, 2008


The Fiji Sun headline of Sunday 20 January screams : "Retrial for Dip Chand"

The Appeals Court has ruled that Dip Chand did not get a fair trial and hos confession of guilt cannot be admitted because he was confused about events,

Dip Chand continues to maintain that he is INNOCENT and that men in a boat kidnapped the 3 sisters.


People don't just vanish off the face of the earth? I person, well maybe that can happen but for three sisters to vanish into thin air ; IMPOSSIBLE!

The Fiji Police has a lot to answer for.

Did they conduct a thorough investigation and investigate all possibilities?

It is common knowledge in Nairai , Rakiraki that Dip Chand was a wealthy man, wealthy beyond the money that his occupation of fisherman could make him.

Where did the money come from?

Lets go back a few years, when a 20 year old girl who went to the beach with a friend simply vanished, It has happened before in Nairai.

HAS DIP CHAND HAS SOLD THE 3 SISTERS TO PAEDOPHILES WHO CRAWL FIJI LOOKING FOR EASY PREY. This should come as no surprise to anyone, We have all seen or heard of these animals.

Did the Fiji Police allow the yacht carrying the 3 sisters to leave Fiji waters and to save embarrassment jumped on Dip Chand?

The Fiji Policed would do well to talk to Dip Chands maternal cousin in Nairai, opposite the village store. He will tell a story of how 3 young girls were kidnapped by a paedophile ring, and condemned to a life of unimaginable horror. And it had all happened before.



Anonymous said...

First of all, there is no such place in Rakiraki called Nairai! It is Naria you morons! If you cannot get such a simple fact right, how on earth do you expect to be taken seriously?

Secondly, fix up your grammer and spelling while you're working on the above.

Third, if Dip Chand sold off the girls to a paedophile ring, why would the girls call home to assure the family they were safe (bet you didn't know this! Ha!).

LoyalFijian said...

To anon above.

Thanks for your commen. You will notice that we have published it, abuse and all. Thats because we stand for free speech.

As for the "they called their home bit", please.....I mean, thats just laughable.

If you think that will get Dip Chand off , you must be joking.

Dip Chand was a known drug dealer with links to foreign travellers. Everyone in Rakiraki knows that drug buyers come there to buy dope.

Anonymous said...


Agree, your publishing the comment unedited was a good gesture. Appreciated as well.

Let's see who was wrong, and whether DC is let off.

BTW I have no sympathy for him.

Anonymous said...

they say the sisters call home and said they are safe .where is the phone record, anyone can say anything.what if dip chand didnt do it.think of his family,what they going through.only god(hanumam)knows what happen that day.