Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ballu Khan's Millions

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Ballu Khan has been in the news a lot these days. The media describes this man as a "self-made millionaire", a "business tycoon" etc.

There is no doubting that Ballu is a very rich man. But where did the money come from? Could it be your money?

LF will be taking a close look at Ballu in the weeks to come.

Starting with a look at the connections between Ballu's companies and the NLTB.

What would the taxpayers of Fiji say if they knew that the NLTB transferred its IT staff to Ballu Khans company and then gave it a USD$2.4 m "loan" which it used to tender for NLTB contracts?

Millionaire he may be, but somethings definitely fishy in this tale (pardon ther pun1)



Anonymous said...

This is corruption at its best! no wonder he was given a good treatment at the barracks!!!

Anonymous said...

For those who know Ballu khan know that all he has ever done is work hard.He has done more for Fiji then that monkey that apointed him self the "President".what kind of leader pays himself $180,000 for leave pay when his people are going hungry. WHAT A GREAT LEADER.......MONKEY MORE LIKE IT.

Anonymous said...

yes that is very true.. balu khan has dome more for fiji and what the military had done to him was uncalled and uncivilised. Well cant say much that shows the mentality level they have espeacilly from their leader