Thursday, September 3, 2009

StolenWealth not CommonWealth

Goodbye StolenWealth…Hullo China


So what exactly is the Commonwealth? Even the name "Commonwealth" is  completely out of step with the time. It indicates that all the wealth of the countries subjugated and  colonised by the British, belongs to the Crown.


Get lost!


StolenWealth is more appropriate.


We don't need this relic of history. Wake up. The British Empire is Gooooooooooooone.


Ok, credit where credit is due.Thats the Loyal Fijian Charter. They did have a good run and made significant contributions to the way society is organised and lives. Fair enough.


But the advance of air power in WW2 meant that the naval supremacy upon which the British Empire was built was gone forever.Air superiority replaced naval superiority and Bada Bing Bada Bang, US and USSR are the new superpowers.


And what do this 2 new superpowers do? They embark on the "Cold War" . Communism v Capitalism.


Who won? Hand down, the free market. Poland fell to the Pope, Czechoslovakia fell to nationalism and then fell  the USSR and the Berlin wall. (Authors have written books running inot hundreds of pages on this topic, so excuse moi if moi is a bit brief here)


Until that is, Tiannmen Square came along.


When the student led revolution erupted in China and millions gathered in Tiannmen Square and various other places across China, it seemed that Communism was about to face a complete defeat. The PLA however (drugged or not) put the crowds to the sword. The Revolution was defeated.


However, ah huh….. there is always a catch in these stories, isnt it?


The Chinese Politburo recognised that change had to be made. So they adopted a twin pronged strategy of economic liberalisation while maintaining political control.


And Boom, China is today the sole superpower.


Yeah Yeah, USA has aircraft carriers and ICBM's etc etc. If that's your take on what constitutes superpower , go for it.


Here's the Loyal Fijian take.


When the Global Financial Crisis hit, the US Treasury secretary made a mercy dash to Beijing. He went there to  assure Chinese Government that the US$ 1 trillion that Chinese Government held in US bonds was safe. China is the single largest creditor for the US. If they pull the plug, whooshka……….


Chinese influence in Africa is unparalled. They are building ports, roads and mines like never before in history. The roads and ports are to transport the iron,gold,uranium that Chinese rip out from the mines. Clever aren't they?
When the ANC led South African Government, composed of freedom fighters and activists against apartheid, refusesd a visa to the Dalai Lama, you know you are dealing with a very powerful nation.


Pick up the world map. Put your finger on China,. Now take in Hong Kong and  Tibet, that's official China. Include Taiwan, which China claims, North Korea which they virtually control and Nepal where communists run the show.


Who is the superpower?


Goodbye StolenWealth…..roll out the carpet for the one and only superpower….the Mighty Chinese are here!!!
Empire rise, Empires fall. Only the Chinese Empire has risen again. 


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Anonymous said...

You are living in cloud cuckoo land if you think the tender mercies of China and the PLA are a great bargain. Go ask a Falun Gong member or a muslim Uighir or a Tibetan you clowns. They'd swap PLA soldiers and PSB thugs for Aussie Tourists any day.