Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fiji to be suspended from Commonwealth

Fiji is is set to be suspended from the Commonwealth.


While this statement Will surely be used by the Anti-IG forces to depict the IG in a bad light, life will go on as normal.


The Commonwealth is nothing more than a Club of former British colonies with no real purpose or power.


In fact, what is the sense of reminding ourselves of the dark chapter when we were subjugated by a foreign power?


In this day and age, do we need a Commonwealth?


Loyal Fijian does not think so. We are a sovereign nation and have no need for the relics of history.We are a republic!


The Commonwealth can do as it pleases.


The so-called self appointed expert, Mr Brij Lal has not wasted any time to get his name in the print by offering a  comment to the foreign press.


Brij Lal, said there was "not a drop of hope" that the country will go to the polls next year and that Fiji's suspension is as sure "as day follows night".


Steven Ratuva was more pragmatic, saying that "It's a case of been there, done that," "They know that they'll survive it and Bainimarama seems to have little interest in maintaining those colonial ties."

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