Monday, February 9, 2009

Naria Sisters Disappearance : Scenario 1 & 2

Naria Sisters Disappearance : Scenario 1- The 3 sisters were Kidnapped and Sold to Human Traffickers


A scenario that was not ruled out by the Police was the possibility that the 3 sisters had been drugged by Dip Chand and sold to a visiting yacht.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that a medium sized yacht had been anchored off Naria and Dip Chand had made at least 2 trips to this yacht in the preceding days. This was not considered unusual as Dip Chand was known as a fixer for visiting yachties.


He is believed to have procured marijuana for the yachts passengers. (Police have not laid any charges in this regard)


The yacht is believed to have left Fiji waters on or around 27 -28 June without the required clearance from Customs. It was 3 days before a search of yachts in and around Naria was started, enough time for long distance vessels to have disappeared out of Fiji waters.


There was intense speculation that the 3 sisters had been kidnapped by the persons on the yacht to be sold onto contacts in Thailand.


This possibility appears more credible in the light of information that a 11 year old Fiji girl was recently picked up by Thai authorities after escaping from a Thai brothel where she had been brought as a 7 yr old.


Information submitted to the Department of Social Welfare in Suva has unfortunately not been followed up with the vigour that is required to address an increasing trend of paedophiles and sex traffickers targeting the poor in Fiji and other developing countries in the South Pacific.



Naria Sisters Disappearance : Scenario 2 - 3 Sisters Were Indeed Killed but not by Dip Chand Alone


Another possibility is that the 3 sisters were indeed killed on Malake Island , possibly after being raped.


How plausible is Dip Chands claim that he single handedly overpowered, raped, killed and disposed off the bodies of 3 young girls, aged 17 -19.


It does not seem very likely. Dip Chand from photographs and observation is not a particularly large man.


Unless there were other persons on the island and Dip Chand is protecting these persons, because he is fearful of his life or is being paid to keep quiet.


Mobile phone calls made to people were traced by Fiji Police but mysteriously the details of the people who received these calls have never been made public.


This has led to speculation in the community that Dip Chand is being pressured or paid to protect other individuals who may hold valuable information on what happened on Malake Island or were there on the island themselves after being called by Dip Chand .



Tui said...

Its a mystery alright.How can 3 girls just disappear?

Anonymous said...

Im going for Scenario 1. My cousin worked in the Rakiraki Police, before migrating he told me that the girls were alive until 3 days after Dip Chand was picked up.

Ange said...

Great blog Looking foward to the Free Poets Society

Anonymous said...

to this day this is a mystery together with the navua family disappearance. we ask ourselves what could have actually happened. n 3 girls from one family feel sorry for the mother but one time rumour mill had it that the mother was involved too. Mind wants to know the truth.