Friday, January 30, 2009

ENDURING MYSTERIES : Naria 3 Sisters : Episode 2

 For a small island nation, we do have our fair share of mystery and intrigue. From  individuals vanishing without a trace to millions disappearing from secure bank vaults. We have it all.


In coming weeks, Loyal Fijian will be running a series titled " Enduring Mysteries" where we examine mysteries, conspiracy theories, and look for answers to questions left unanswered.
Continued from Part 1
After the phone conversation with Mr X, Dip Chand confessed to the murder of the 3 sisters.


However, few believe this story.


No trace of the 3 sisters has ever been found. No clothes, no body parts, nothing. They simply vanished off the face of the earth.


Police investigators reviewing the mobile phone records of Dip Chand found that he had made a number of calls from his mobile on Sunday 26 June after he had left with the girls in his fishing boat.


To this day, there are more questions than answers:


Why would the mother of the 3 sisters in a conservative rural community allow her 3 young daughters to go on a picnic with a drifter of ill repute?


Why did not the family raise the alarm until the next day?


Who were the people that Dip Chand called on his mobile?


Is Dip Chand covering for Mr X and the illict activities that have been going on in and around Naria involving local drug cultivators and yachties?


It is also reported that young girls have previously disappeared from their homes in Naria never to be heard of again. In one case, an Indian girl of 19 was last seen standing outside the village shop. When the shop owner asked the girl who she was waiting for, she responded that a friend from her computer school in Rakiraki town was going to pick her up.


She was last seen getting into a blue vehicle which to observers was not one seen previously in the area and has not been seen since that day .


A number of scenarios have been suggested for the disappearance of the Naria 3 sisters. These scenarios are:


Scenario 1 : The 3 sisters were Kidnapped and Sold to Human Traffickers

Scenario 2 : 3 Sisters were Killed but not by Dip Chand Alone

Scenario 3 : Dip Chand was on a Drug run, Girls killed by suspicious Yachties

Scenario 4 : Girls family were complicit in the whole saga

Scenario 5 : Dip Chand is telling the truth and nothing but the truth



The first 4  scenarios will be explored in detail in later posts. Scenario 5 doesn't need any further elaboration. Keep tuned.

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