Monday, January 19, 2009

ENDURING MYSTERIES : Naria’s 3 Sisters

For a small island nation, we do have our fair share of mystery and intrigue. From individuals vanishing without a trace to millions disappearing from secure bank vaults. We have it all. In coming weeks, Loyal Fijian will be running a series titled " Enduring Mysteries" where we examine mysteries, conspiracy theories, and look for answers to questions left unanswered.

Sunday June 26 2005 started like any other day for the residents of Naria, Rakiraki, a quiet rural community not unlike many others around the country.

By days end , however, this small community would become the focus of the whole country .

The day will forever be remembered as the day when 3 young sisters vanished leaving behind a trail of mystery and intrigue that to this day has not been solved.

According to the Fiji Police files, Ashika Sherin Lata 19 a supermarket cashier, Renuka Roshni Lata 18, a computer student and Radhika Lata 17, a form six student decided to go for for a picnic with Dip Chand, 42, whom they called "aaja" (grandfather) on Sunday, June 26, 2005.

Dip Chand, a bachelor, was known through out the community as a drifter who had more money than could be provided by his day job of occasional fisherman. Rumour has it that most people put this down to him doing occasional work for a powerful local politician. The type of work involved using his boat and knowledge of the waters off Naria to interact with visiting yachties, possibly supplying locally grown marijuana.

Naria is a well known transit point for yachts travelling out off NZ and Aust.

It was also known by many in the community, including his own family and the mother of the 3 girls, that Dip Chand was investigated by Police for rape. It would later emerge after the disappearance of the 3 Naria sisters that Dip Chand had raped 3 possibly more girls in the age group11 -17 between 2001 and 2005.

It is undisputed that the 4 made their way to a nearby island known as Malake Island for a picnic.

What happened in between Sunday June 26 2005 and the following day when Dip Chand was found drifting in his boat with visible signs of blood in the boat is a mystery.

Dip Chand initially claimed that his boat was attacked by a group of Fijians who kidnapped and took away the girls.

Under intense interrogation, he allegedly asked to make a phone call to a certain person. This is where the mystery deepens. To be cont...



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