Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bombing Plot for October 10

October 10 is shaping up as a decisive day in Fijis recent history.
Loyal Fijian has earlier reported that significant amounts of explosives are unaccounted for at the Emperor Gold Mine. We had also reported that a shadowy organisation called the Moto ni Vanua was organising plans to cause major disruption in Fiji. This would also include a bombing campaign.
The bombing campaign was to have coincided with the Strikes called by FNA and Fijian Teachers Union. However, due to the lack of support the strikes fizzled out and the plans were shelved.
Our sources have now informed us that Moto Ni Vanua which has  extensive links in the Vatukoula region, may have obtained some of the material they were desperately seeking. They have now been able to match their long held intent with recently acquired capability. A new stage has been reached.
It is also been revealed that October 10 was to have seen an unprecedented wave of bombings targeting bridges and FEA power lines , mainly in the Naitasiri region.
Recent reports in the media suggesting the military was investigation threats against their commander is a diversionary tactic from the Moto Ni Vanua. Their targets are unguarded soft targets....the "low hanging fruits " or easy pickings, as it is called in the security establishment.....they know the Commander is very well protected. It is designed to throw the authorities off track.
It is the civilians who are in danger.
Be warned and alert but not alarmed. Go on with your normal lives as much as possible, but do take precautions.

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