Monday, October 8, 2007

More Warnings of Impending Violence

Speculation continues to mount of elements planning violent acts in the coming days and weeks.

Loyal Fijian reported in the previous post plans by an anti-IG element known as the "Moto-ni-Vanua" and headed by an ex-FMFofficer to use explosives acquired from the EGM to bomb infrastructure and shops.
Moto-no-Vanua operatives have been sighted organising meetings in and around Suva by military surveilance. This was the basis on which the Acting Commander made the statement that the Commanders life was being threatened.
The Australian Government today also issued an alert stating it has "credible information'' there may be an escalation of violence in the Fijian capital, Suva.

The warning was released yesterday via the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's travel website,

The Australian warning is based on intelligence collated by its agencies that suggest plans by certain elements could lead without warning to outbreaks of violence and civil unrest, in particular in and around Suva.

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