Monday, October 29, 2007

Soldiers Stopped from Leaving for Iraq

The FMF is not happy.
Even more so, the 6 soldiers who were stopped from leaving for Iraq with the rest of the Army contingent.
6 soldiers who, if you listen to the Army are  "witnesses" in the Verebasaga death or "suspects if you choose to listen to the other party in this sad saga.
Of one thing , there is no denying.
A young man lost his life at the hands whose duty it is to protect and serve. NO ONE, repeat, NO ONE should ever die in a military detention cell or a police remand cell.
That is totally unacceptable and all Fiji Islanders must stand up for this.
As the controversy around the 6 soldiers swirls around this week, many questions will be asked. Who approved their participation on the contingent in the first place, why were they later cleared?
Verebasaga did not have to die that fateful night. No one does, ever, at the hands of the security services.

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Anonymous said...

Im just an interested aussie ( yes i know alot of fijians seem to dislike us ??? ). What for is beyond me !. What i do know is SURELY anyone with brains can see the reasons given for the coup are pure lies. The countless blatant examples of corruption SINCE the coup BY the coup criminals themselves is disgusting. The proud people of fiji deserve better. Stay true to fiji fijians if you have too wait for the election, then vote anti anything remotely frank alias THE COWARD.