Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Julian Moti cleared- Australian Police Paid Complainant/Witnesses

In a judgement that brings into question the processes and motivations of the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Government, the Queensland Supreme Court found the Australian Federal Police (AFP) prosecution of Julian Moti, was an abuse of process.

In shocking revelations made in court, it was learnt that the AFP had paid money to complainants and witnesses in the case brought against Mr Moti.

By way of background, Mr Moti had been appointed Attorney General in the Government of PM Manase Sogavare who had fallen out with the Australians and had become a target for the former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

Mr Moti was arrested and deported to Australia on alleged child sex charges which he had been previously tested in court.

The Queensland Supreme Court raised serious questions on the dubious methods employed to get at Mr Moti .


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