Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Talks- Fact or Fiction?

All eyes on Copenhagen this week

Heard a Fijian girl cry on stage, Made Loyal Fijian knees go weak


Predictions of doom and gloom

The world is coming to an end, its all about to go kabooom


The air is getting dirtier, the sea is rising

To escape the water, we will need to find coconut trees and start climbing


Is it really that bad?

Are we all as good as dead?


Is it another one of those things, like the UN or IMF, organisatons to protect the rich,based on a whole lot of lies

Are the rich countries are once again trying to pull the wool over our eyes


Its been done before, believe you us

The Americans, Europeans and Australians go in the Mercedes while we are stuck on the bus


Somebody hacked into a University computer and leaked an email

All this talk about climate change, might just be getting a bit stale


See it for what it is

Rich countries trying to keep the developing countries, China and India, on their leash!


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Mark said...

You've done it again Loyal Fijian. The one and only Fiji blog worth reading - Loyal Fijian.