Friday, December 18, 2009

Kelly Kwalik: A True Melanesian Hero : Will Live Forever

The legendary West Papuan leader who fought for more than 20 years for the dignity and freedom of his people was murdered in Timika, West Papua by the Islamist colonisers.

Kelly Kwalik was captured and as the trophy photograph shows was in all likelihood endured brutal torture before being killed in cold blood. All true Melanesians will mourn the death of a true Melanesian warrior who devoted his life to fighting for the freedom of the oppressed West Papuans.

West Papuans are now a minority in their own land as Indonesian settlers flood in as part of the Indonesian Governments program to implement their hold on West Papua and the natural resources of the region.

Kelly Kwalik was the figurehead of the brave warriors who kept the dream of independence burring and he was killed in cold blood.

Long Live Kelly Kwalik
Long Live Kelly Kwalik



Kelly Lives On said...

Long Live our Melanesian brother. Where is Somare? Where is Qarase? Why so quiet?

Anonymous said...

Where are Australia and NZ? Two countries who are so hypocritical when dealing with different countries.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope this does not happen to the pro-indigenous campaigners in Fiji.

Judging by the anti-Fijian rhetoric of this military/Muslim coup coalition,the fate of Kelly Kwalik could befall taukeis protesting against the IMG's disenfranchisement of Fijian cultural icons and resources..