Thursday, August 9, 2007

Strikes FAIL to Achieve CRITICAL MASS

In my previous post, I wrote about the failure of the FICTU/FNA strike to achieve CRITICAL MASS.

CRITICAL MASS is an expression that has its origins in nuclear physics, the point where an initial catalyst setting into motion a nuclear reaction reaches a point from which it cannot be stopped and results in a chain reaction releasing massive energy. There are 3 essential stages: initial catalyst, critical mass and finally chain reaction.

The strategy of the Anti-IG forces can be also described by using the 3 stages described above:


The initial catalyst in Fijis current impasse was hoped to be the FNA/FICTU strikes.

The strikes it was hoped would attract the support of the wider community, resulting in large crowds attending FICTU/FNA strike picket lines resulting in widespread disruption and impair the ability of the IG to govern.


It was hoped that the GCC and the Methodist Church would make a general call for Fijians to support the strikes and show their support by declining the cooperate with the authorities and making it impossible for them to govern.

Once the general population or large portion of it was involved, the action would spill over into a disobedience campaign.

It is also quite likely judging form posts being made on INCITER BLOGS, a campaign of bombings and attacks on security forces would follow.

INCITER blogs used by Anti-IG forces have in recent times called for ATTACKS ON TOURISTS AND PUBLISHED INSTRUCTIONS ON MAKING LETTER BOMBS. See earlier posts HERE and HERE.

It is clear evidence of intent and it is only matter of time before intent is matched with capability resulting in innocent tourists visiting our shores and Fijians becoming victims of violence.


The final action in such a campaign always involves a division in the security forces, with a faction aligning itself with anti-authority forces.

Once a division can be fomented, this provides a non-state player, in this case the FICTU/FNA/Anti-IG alliance access to resources and skills only the state has in stable nations.

No doubt, Anti-IG forces are liaising with elements in the Military to seek out the elements that may be sympathetic to their cause.

A spike in the number of visits to CRW soldiers held in Prison is a clear indicator of increase communication as a precursor to a planned action.

This was the strategy that the Anti-IG forces should have embarked upon. But the collapse of the FTA strike demonstrates the pathetic planning of the FTA/FICTU/FNA leadership.


Dan said...

I belive in independent reorting and unbiased jounalism.

This is the only blog that delivers that.

If you ant death threats and incitment t attack inocent children, go to the bullshit blogs.

Lucy said...

Great commentary.

Very balanced blog. Love your posts on FICAC and the NZ Amabassador.

Paula said...

Great blog and gret posts.

Agree with Dan, only Fiji blog worth reading.

Some other blogs have just totally lost it with death threats and incitement to attack Fijians working in hotels etc...

Anonymous said...

Great blog LF and keep it up. By the way has anybody noticed Lutua's face. She must go for stress management check up. lolz.