Monday, August 27, 2007

Qarase Asked for Military: Helen Clark/John Howard

The investigation into Laisenia Qarase's alleged treason took a very interesting turn.

It is now being reported that in addition to seeking military assistance form Australian PM John Howard, Laisenia Qarase was also seeking military assistance from Helen Clark.

It is a known fact, thanks to the candid confessionas of PM Howard that Qarase called him on 3 occassions on December 4th and 5th and requested that the Australian Defence Force intervene in Fiji and engage the FMF to ensure that he remained in power.

BBC on December 5 ran the following story: Read the full article here

Australian Prime Minister John Howard earlier said he had turned down a request from Mr Qarase to send troops to prevent a coup.

"The possibility of Australia and Fijian troops firing on each other in the streets of Suva was not a prospect that I for a moment thought desirable," Mr Howard said.
A number of questions arise from this entire episode:

1. Would John Howard have any reason to lie to the world?

2. Did Laisenia Qarase actively encourage the Australian Defence Force to effectively invade Fiji and engage the FMF?

3. What did Qarase offer Helen Clark and John Howard in return?



Epi said...

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Great work....extensive reserach.........thanks LF