Sunday, August 5, 2007

IG Stands Stronger than Ever

The Failed Strike by FICTU has proved to be a total disaster. Instead of providing the platform for a challenge to the IG, it has only served to make the IG appear stringer than before.

The FTA Strike was a TOTAL FAILURE. The FNA strike will also go that way. Here's why:

1. IG Stands Stronger than Before

The failed FTA strike has allowed the IG to demonstrate to Fijians and to the international community that it is firmly in control, that is has the “ACQUIESCENCE” of the people.

The failure of the Interim Government led by Laisenia Qarase in 2001 to demonstrate Acquiescence was key in the Chandrika Prased succeeding in his case against the abrogation of the 1990 constitution.

FTA’s poor timing and lack of planing has seen its handing the IG the one instrument of credibility that all regimes seek, the proof of acquiescence.

This wont be lost on the international community and the IG may even use its handling of the strike action as justification for extending is term.

2. Nurses Are on their Own

If I was a nurse today, I would have every reason to feel like the fight is NOT going my way. There is nothing worse than to find yo are on your own and the bills are piling up.

Nurse are in the lower end of our economic strata and are many are heavily in debt. With each passing pay day without the money coming in, the nurses will start to feel the pinch.

The payments of the Electricity Bill, the Widescreen TV which were purchased for watching the Hong Kong sevens will have to be paid for……except the money isnt coming in. Increasingly the statements by Kuini Lutua portray a person speaking from a position of weakness, not a person dictating the terms in this high-stakes gamble.

3. Questions over Motivations Arise?

No strike can succeed without support of the general public.

The international community which must be monitoring this situation is more likely to lend its support to the strikers if it can be convinced that the strike does not have anyhidden agendas” as union strikes in Fiji almost always do.

Increasingly, it appears that the membership of the FICTU/FNA alliance has been fed the line of having the 5% salary cut restored but the questions of hidden political agendas are increasingly being asked.

This will only alienate members who may have supported the action at the outset as it was strictly over working conditions but may now withdraw their support as the strikes appear increasingly politically motivated.

And it appears the IG may have outwitted Attar Singh/Kuini Lutua and Co. by declaring the strike legal and successfully painting the strikes as politically motivated one.

4. IG plays Smart

I Have been very critical of action taken by the IG but even I have to admit that the IG has played it smart.

By declaring the strikes legal, the IG took away any chance of international and local uproar over what would have been perceived as heavy handed tactics.

By declaring the strike legal, the IG further enhanced its standing as a Government upholding basic freedoms of its citizens.

And by calling a 2 week holiday a day after strikes commenced, the IG played a master stroke.


Daniela said...

Great article AGAIN.

And spot on ........

Paula said...

IG 12 -Attar/Kuini 0

ad said...

Great Article Loyal Fijian...

Fair and balanced...

well done...

Anonymous said...

daniela & paula, you must be blind and dumb.

Any strike action by a union is the weakness of the Governement of the day or whoever is in the leadership helm.

Next time you want to appreciate or rate the IG or someone, get your facts right.

Even the Education Minister looks like a fool when cross-examined on TV.

The IG does not have any plan to bring Fiji back to normalcy and the strike is even worse.

They thought they have a contigency plan, but they were outwitted by the Union.

Now we have no option to buy our own local products to survive, but the Minister of Finance increase the TAX for local products. Whose going to suffer? The poor again will suffer and all of us will feel the pinch shrtly.

Please IG and all you loyal to the IG, be realistic, just give up, let the right people rule again or election to be moved forward for all our sakes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I just want to let you know that as they say this is the survival of the fittest. You and your thick headed striking companions must now realise that you are on the losing side. It is much better for us now to tow the line than have nothing on our plates as is evident now. THINK...THINK...THINK.....

anonymous said...

Attar Singh should answer to his members what he is doing to the huge fraud and subsequent theft of large sum of money from FICTU account!

He is trying to fool the members or trying to fill the dry account by asking for the 5%

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4.38pm, ever heard of freedom of expression; that's what Daniela & Paula are excercising; don't like it switch to the other blog sites!!!
Now, Kuini is crying foul for nurses not getting paid; what did she expect??No-one one gets paid for going on strike & being a unionist she should have known can't have your cake & eat it, too!!