Saturday, August 4, 2007

IG Counterattack works ...for now!

The Fijian Teachers Union ended their strike on Friday after the IG announced that it was bringing the school holidays forward by 2 weeks.

The FTA was caught off guard and had no choice but to call of their day long strike.
Interim Education Minister, Netani Sukanaivalu says the decision to move school holidays forward by two weeks was a strategy to force the Fijian Teachers Association members to end their strike.

Sukanaivalu said if the FTA and its members will be "paying more then they have bargained for" if they are thinking of going back on strike after the holidays, then.

  • Signs are also emerging that the FNA strike is beginning to flounder. The strategy behind the FNA/FICTU strikes was to create a "critical mass" that would grow to a wider campaign of resistance to the IG involving ordinary Fijians.

  • The IG moved quickly to address this potential for unrest by withdrawing the suspension of the Chiefs and announcing the GCC will convene in the coming days to discuss issues. This was another strategic move to deny the FNA/FICTU alliance of the wider public support they were hoping to gain by winning the Chiefs endorsement.
Unfortunately for them, the Chiefs decided the loss of their allowances was to much of a gamble and they could rather get back their per-diems.
  • Additionally, information gathered form retailers across the Southern Division, reveals that re-possessions of items purchased on credit are expected to sky-rocket. This is particularly so, as the majority of those who purchase items such as TV's, stereos, DVD players etc from Courts and BP are form the lower income bracket and this includes our nurses.
The nurses strike has begun to hit where it hurts, the nurses pockets. There is growing pressure from the membership to cut a deal, which will only increase now that they have lost their ally, the FTA.

The Anti-IG forces have revaled their lack of strategic planning ability. Wheres Mark Textor when you need him?



Steve M said...

Best policial commentary blog anywhere.....greatly recommend to any Fijian who wants independent analysis.....

Luisa said...

The IG has deficnitely won this round.........great reporting .

You guys are the best.