Friday, August 17, 2007

FICAC "Agents" Malaysian Holiday

FICAC has announced that it is going to send its "agents" to Malaysia for training.
The first 2 agents will be leaving early September for a 2 month stint.
Given the embarrassing setbacks that have befallen the FICAC, it comes as no surprise to anyone that FICAC agents require further training.
FICAC has stumbled for one controversy to another in the last few months, with exaggerated claims of corruption, high profile raids into FHL and FDB, raids into PWD and confiscation of 370 files containing "evidence" of corruption, have all come to nought.
And not forgeting, Nasir Ali using FICAC to settle his personal agenda against senior Police Officers and finally appointing himself as Asst Police Comm.
The planned trip to Malaysia appears to be the "agents" cashing in while they can. Remember the Get Smart series on Fiji One, with Agent 99...........well we have our own version right here in FICAC.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope that the New Zealand consultant will bring some order quickly into the investigations for a cast iron case in the courts.
This onion will peel off in layers and requires some experience to analyze, a knowledge set which the consultant brings to the table.

Luisa said...

LF, you have proved you are impartial and independent.

Your blog is the only one highlighting FICAC's incompetence.

Paula said...

Louv your blog.

It is objective and independent.

Reporting of both sides of the story. Thank u LF.