Monday, August 13, 2007


Monday Funnies!!!!


Samu said...


Keep it up LF

Luisa said...

Vinaka LOL

Ive said it b4, Ill say it again..........luuuurv ur blog

Anonymous said...

Bali Hai ga.

Anonymous said...

So a bunch of democracy fighters from a country usually associated with supporting and harbouring islamic militants are calling for democracy in Fiji, half of who probably do not even know which direction from their arse ends the country is!

Also, they choose to make their so-called democracy speech in Turkish, a language which one can safely assume is to be understood by the great institutions of the world!

What a bunch of wanking idiots! This is definitely the work of Vani Veikoso...probably her clients

Anonymous said...

You the above blogger sound jealous! Get ur facts rite. Women like that speak out in public and don't resort to undercover names like yourself.