Thursday, August 23, 2007


FICAC removed confidential documents form FIRCA last week on the basis of a "warrant" which they claim to have obtained.

FICAC has been conducting an "investigation" against Justice Daniel Fatiaki. In its desire to obatin incriminating evidence against him, FICAC removed his tax returns and other confidential documents form FIRCA.

Well, it now appears, the Chairman of FIRCA, Filipe Bole, did not see such a warranta and even if such a warrant did exist, it was not enough to remove confident ail FIRCA documents.

Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority Board chairman Filipe Bole says he never sighted the purported search warrant for the tax office for suspended Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki's tax records.

He said he thought that even a search warrant was not enough to be used to extract tax information on an individual as a Magistrate Court would not have the powers to grant the FICAC permission to confiscate the tax records of any citizen.

The mystery of FICAC's "warrant" further heightened when it was revealed that Magistrates Court Registry had no records of such an order because it did not come through them.

Sources within FIRCA reveal that FIRCA has been abuzz with rumours that FICAC agents questioned staff about documents relating to an IG Minister.
  • Did FICAC fake a warrant to obatin Daniel Fatiakis tax records?
  • What other information were FICAC agents after, given the controvesy over a IG Ministers reported milliions stashed away in a bank account?


Anonymous said...

the IG is persisting with this witch-hunt against Justice Fatiaki, thanks to the jealousy of Gates and Nazhat who are getting their revenge on him now.... SHAME!

God Bless Fiji, and Bless Justice Fatiaki... he's going to need it with all the people he's lined up to shoot down with truth and justice

Anonymous said...

This blog is surely the most impartial around, though I don'te feel the same can be said for those commenting...

I find it very interesting that the other tagged articles on Fatiaki are littered with baseless accusations of corruption, and suddenly when an article questioning the IG tactics in relation to their treatment of FICAC, there's no probing comments and critiques.... kahahaha