Saturday, September 1, 2007

Qarse Claims Death Threats

Fijian police have begun investigating ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's allegation he was threatened with death by the military if he returns to Suva.

All law abiding Fijian will welcome this development as it demonstrates a willingness and ability of the Fiji Police to act independently and without fear or favor.

Acting Police Commissioner Eroni Antonio gave the directive to Asst Comm Nasir Ali for investigations to begin after receiving a written complaint from Qarase's lawyer Tevita Fa early yesterday.

Mr Qarase said earlier this week he had received a telephone call from someone who spoke to him in Fijian and said he was from the military.

"He said `I am from the military and we hear that you are coming back later this week. We are happy that you are coming back but on arrival we will kill you'. He then swore at me and put the phone down," he said.

Whether the military to go to such an extent or whether there are other forces at play, is open to conjecture.



Adi Leka said...

best blog in town!!keep it up.

Samu said...

Vinaka Adi Leka.......I totally agree...the only independent blog worth reading.

Anonymous said...

If Qarase is genuine about forgiving and forgetting- he shouyld drop all the legal challenges he has out before the courts.