Thursday, September 6, 2007

Qarase Entitlements Withdrawn

It was reported today that  Laisenia Qarase has been stripped off all entitlements and benefits which he qualifies for as a former PM.

Under the Parliamentary Emoluments Commission rules, all former Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Prime Ministers are entitled to certain privileges after leaving office.

This includes free provision of security, transport, pension and medical treatment.
All such privileges have been cancelled.
It is not immediately clear as to what led to such a measure being implemented although former PM's Sitiveni Rabuka and MP Chaudhry both continue to receive all the entitlements as former PM's.

According to well placed sources, there has been concern in the IG that Qarase's return is being used by Anti-IG forces to mobilise opposition to the IG.
After the poorly planned and ill-fated FICTU/FNA strikes, it is widely believed that Anti-IG forces are now looking at Qarase's return and the impending court cases as their last chance of making a dent in the IG's standing.
The IG on its part has responded by withdrawing Qarase's entitlements, including security.


Anonymous said...

Well it wouldn't hit him I guess considering he has made $$$ through corrupt dealings in his 6 years of reign.

Phantom said...

How dod u predict the martial law?

How did u know the military will move against Qarase?