Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bainimarama unhappy with FICAC

FICAC has come under fire from none other than supremo himself, Frank Bainimarama.

The Interim Prime Minister was quoted on Fijilive as saying that FICAC was taking much longer than he would have liked in coming up with hard evidence of corruption.

He was also less than impressed with some FICAC officials who had lost track of the real intentions for establishing FICAC. Bainimarama was scathing in his criticism of FICAC officials wasting time and resources getting involved in minor issues and not going after the alleged major corruption cases .

As an example Bainimarama used the case of the Grand Pacific Hotel saying that it had used up $15million of yours and my money from FNPF. He also mentioned alleged abuses of funds in the FNPF, the abuses of funds in the Sports Council and the AFL and the ATS.

The criticism of FICAC from Bainimarama is very significant. As we all know, FICAC is being "supervised" by none other than the Minister for Finance.

Is this a sign of growing frustrations and division within cabinet?

For several months now Loyal Fijian has been highlighting the incompetence and in some cases the pettiness of certain FICAC officials. It appears that certain FICAC agents have gone for personal glory rather than concentrating on accumulating evidence of corruption and bringing charges ion a court of law.

Major Moti "Cowboy" Rattan in Labasa is one such example of a person drunk on power who has lost the plot.

FICAC is being used as a vehicle to settle scores as seen by Asst Superintendent Nasir Ali's attacks on Police Officers he believes were behind efforts to reveal his dealings with the Police Credit Union.

For FICAC to regain credibility, it must do more than make allegations. It must produce evidence and lay charges.

The time for that is NOW.

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