Friday, November 18, 2011

Phone Tapping

So somebody thinks his phone is being tapped?
And RNZI has jumped all over the reports to say that Tevita Mara's phone is being tapped by the military.
Well, lets just take a few steps back and put things in perspective:
  • It'a a bloody military dictatorship for crying out loud....why would phone tapping, if it was true, be so newsworthy?;
  • We have military in the newspapers news rooms, phone taps seem trivial compared to that;
  • Somebody has a delusional sense of self importance, doesn't he? They are tapping my phone because I'm the saviour, lighten up just want media time that's all
And if you are really worried about phone taps, here's a few tips:
  • Email using account names only you and your recipient knows about;
  • Send postcards;
  • Carrier pigeons; or
  • Message in a bottle;
Tap, phap, whap!

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