Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another dictator is gone

Another one bites the dust

An end to tyranny is a must


For 42 years he rules the land

With a heavy iron hand


His sons and daughters bathed in milk and honey

They had so much, billions in money


Then one day, the people finally stood up

They decided they had enough, time to make him jump


So they came out on the streets

They voted with their feet


Gaddafi did his absolute best

To keep the rebellion confined to the west


Then France, US and usual so-called allies jumped into the fray

They said, wait up we will show the way


Why suddenly Sarkozy and Obama found interest in Libya?

They said they support democracy…now, now don't let that fool ya


Where were they all these years?

When Libyans cried rivers of tears


What they really want is under the sand

The greatest prize of all, it really is grand


More valuable than gold

In your hands you cant hold


So started the bombings and the arms drop

And suddenly Gaddafi felt the heat and started to hop


He gave orders for his soldiers to fight

Where are they? He looked to the left and right


And so he ran from Tripoli to Sirte

His place of birth, where he found shelter


He held on for a while, as long as he could

You have to say, he didn't run away, but stayed in Libya as he said he would


And then, finally, they caught up to the man

Oh dear God, there lay the man on the sand


But not before, they ripped him to pieces

Something nobody on their worst enemy ever wishes

And so another dictator is gone

The message is clear, it may take time but right always defeats wrong
Isnt it amazing how I do this every time?
Make it all so funny and make it rhyme!


1 comment:

mikapoka said...

Hi, good rhymes indeed, Sirte - shelter is the best one. Lybia's free now, let's hope for Italy to get rid of Berlusconi (hard to rhyme with, uh?). All the best, ciao!