Friday, October 7, 2011

Conversations of Jone, Jaswant and Joe

The World Cup is on…the boys are all fired….Go Fiji Go ..O ..O….The grog bowl is full, the boys are in a good mood….Samoa is the opposition and the boys are confident


 Jaswant: You gang just see the superior tactical prowess of the Fiji team….their knowledge of defensive patterns, attacking methodology and precise moment by moment fluid processing techniques


Jone and Joe look at each other and shake their heads


Jone: Samoa is a good team


Jaswant: Se, traitor


Jone: I think Samoa are going to be very hard to beat


Jaswant: Seti, you go and live in Samoa then OK


Joe: It will be hard game, tough and uncompromising


Jaswant: Vinaka Robbie Deans (and smirks and says under his breath)  thinks he knows too much….us gang are stupid


Jone: Kick for territory man, play in opposition half


Jaswant: Seti, it's a possession game, hold the ball, probe the edges and make quick darting runs


Go Fiji Go


Go Fiji Go


Jone: Samoa look better


Jaswant: Seti, who you cheering for man? Fiji our team….Noqu Vanua


Jone: %**#@ o iko OK


Jaswant: Why don't you swim to Samoa like that faller who went to Tonga huh!!!


Joe: Easy guys


Jaswant: O iko qalu mada OK….@$%* this between us kaivata's


Joe: Ocei nomu Kai $#&*

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