Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Arm Band Month

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This August (2011) I will join youth advocates and activists around the world in honoring the lives of young people and children while marking the close of International Year of Youth [August 12 2010 to August 11 2011].

Over the Year, millions of young people have decided to be the driving force of community and grassroots change; We honor them! Many more have been the backbone of humanitarian efforts and recovery work in the worst of our catastrophes and provide resilient solutions/work in solving our Climate Crisis; We honor them! Thousands have used social media and their skills to change mindsets and move hearts to stand in solidarity for the most pressing issues in communities world wide; We honor them! Many more have banded together and held whole gatekeepers, communities and governments accountable to the voice of our Youth; We honor them also!

BUT while we have gained so much during this year, we have also LOST multitudes of lives in the struggle and the onslaught of man made disasters, and natural catastrophes.

This August, for one whole month I will join youth activists world wide in wearing a RED ARM BAND - symbolizes the blood of many young people that have made this International Year of Youth successful and a important year for youths - YES young people have really made a difference this year.

I wear the arm band to remember the lives of Young People lost on the streets to Freedom and Equality, Young People lost in the lands of pandemic crises and suffrage, Young People lost in neighborhoods of War, Young People lost to Natures power and challenge to humanity, Young People lost in the schools of bullying and violence; and Young People lost to homes of exploitation, disrespect and hate.

These Young People have taught me to be reassured that they have not gone in vein - that their cries for a better life are seen/heard through the actions/words of many advocates and activists world wide. While there is still so much work to be done, I stand with these lives in believing that CHANGE HAS COME!!!!!

YOU can WEAR the RED ARM BAND also and allow others to have an opportunity to stand alongside you by passing this email around and having conversations about this Campaign - You can choose your own way to mark the year. Unlike many other events that have happened worldwide, this campaign will have no Celebrities or Leaders propped up to bring people to wear the RED ARM BAND -We are appealing to all youth advocates and activists to consider how much we have gained in the lives of the so many we have lost during Our Year! The Year of Youth!

This August, I am wearing it - are you!

Peter Waqavonovono
Youth Advocate
Fiji Islands

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