Friday, December 16, 2011

Pssst, It;s me! From the Ministry of Floundering Affairs

Sorry Folks! It's me. Me the not-so-smart-guy from the Ministry of Floundering Affairs who sits in the corner taking the minutes and spinning the grog bowl.


Yes, that's me , the innocent lil thing.


"Taki! " said Brutus. And so, I did.


But first let me tell you of what has transpired in this fine Ministry since I last had the chance to write to you all.


Believe it or not, the whole crew is still here. And we got a new addition, I'll call him Zehru. Confused. Let me explain, He thinks he is Nehru but isn't. Get it? Nehru and zero? I know , I know, not one of my best, but hey, it's kinda funny right?


Anyway, I've had to lie low because as we all know the proverbial hit the fan and "The Place that must be Spoken of In Whispers Only" went nuts over the whole 'internet thing'.


It's called Blogging

It's called Blogging

It's called Blogging


Will somebody please tell them that, Phew!


Anyway, one must bite the tongue in this fine Ministry. After all, opening one's mouth can lead to the loss of the greatest prize of all: an overseas posting.


And so, all the internet connections are being watched very closely. So, I couldn't take the risk. Had to bide my time.


Somebody was publishing news that only people inside this fine Ministry could know.


Kissinger suspected Brutus, Brutus suspected Taliban, Mata Hari didn't have a clue, Taliban wanted to suspect somebody but couldn't decide who.


And Zehru, well the guy is still pissed off about losing his post at that much sought after foreign location, the place where we all want to go one day.


As for me , I spun the grog bilo right! heheheheh . Who suspects the grog boy? Not these fools that's for sure.



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