Monday, April 21, 2008

Kinivuwai and the "Mysterious" Letter

A rather peculair scene unfolded at Nadi International Airport last week.
Our sources tell us that SDL boss Peceli Kinivuwai arrived wearing dark sunglasses and proceeded to the Air Pacific check in desk.
He presented his ticket and passport for a travel to Sydney.
Mr Kinivuwai was asked to step aside from the line once he was recognised by security personnell as there were certain inquiries that had to be made .
Loyal Fijian is told that a serach of Mr Kinivuwai's person revealed he was carrying a substantial sum of money and official communication from the SDL addressed to the firm of Crobsy Textor, the PR firm engaged by Qarase under recommendation and funding from the Australian Liberal Party.
While the contents of the letters he was carrying remains a closely guarded secret, it is learnt that Mr Kinivuwai was seeking funding from a major logging company based in Queensland.
It is also learnt from reliable sources that Kinivuwai;s trip was not endorsed by the SDL hierachy and his calls for assistance created much frustration . He seemed to have been acting on his own. The fall out has left many in the SDL feeling disillusioned about his tendency to act on his own.
This sent alarm bells ringing.
Mr Kinivuwai was stopped from boarding the flight.

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