Monday, April 14, 2008

Ballu and the DVD

Things are hotting up again, isnt it?
Theres been a bit of a lull after the anti-climax in the MPC and the $1.45m saga.
Then somebody decides to pop into the office of the Fiji Times and leave behind a DVD with a Post It note saying " Circulate Widely".
Now why would anyone do that, I ask you?
Well, it seems that the Assassination case against Ballu seems to have run into some "legal complications". For once, Ballu hired an expensive lawyer who actually knows what hes doing, and the local boys assisting him aren't that bad either and quite connected too.
As anyone in Fiji knows, the Fiji courts work on a "who-you know-basis". Just ask Magistrate Mukhtar Shah and his girlfriend the prosecutor, now a Magistrate.. The lawyer who "knows" the judge always gets the decision in their favor.
So, to Plan B went the boys in uniform.
It so happened that Ballu Boy had been careless in not protecting the contents of his hard drive.
And he gifted the boys in uniform a majore coup......oops.....must say that word!

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"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me...."