Thursday, November 26, 2009

Conversations of Jone, Jaswant and Joe : There is Hope Yet!

A hot evening in Suva, the park opposite the road that is normally filled with kids, young and old, playing touch is desserted. Even the neighbourhood dogs that roam up and down the street are nowhere to be seen.


Everyone prefers the shade on a day like this.



Jone " Isa man! Fiji lost to Wales man. We beat those gang last time we played them man.


Jaswant: I know man. Since they sacked the Human Skewer, we have gone backwards. Our front row lacks the dynamism.


Jone " Chee Chee… many games of rugby have you played?


Jaswant : Whats that got to do with anything? You never played cricket but you always talk about cricket.  You know what I think? Its because they never perform the Cibi.


Jone : (A strict churchgoer) No way man. They prayed before the match. They ask for Gods blessings


Jaswant : Yeah Ok, but wont God help the Welsh team too? Why God will take sides?


Joe :He's right you know. As much as I hate to say this, he is actually making sense for once.


Jone : Seti man, you Kaivalagi's are god-less. And you Kaidia worship 100 Gods, you too confused. What you talking about?


Jaswant " Look Jone, don't criticise my Gods OK. They all listening to you and you never know what might happen aye.


Jone : See, I told you. Cibi is for heathens.


Jaswant : Then why do All Blacks do it, Samoa and Tonga, they all Christians, tell me!!


Jone " Vitalia , we gonna pray and that's it.


Joe : It's a useful psychological tool to psyche yourself up. Its also very commercially viable , look at how popular the All Blacks Haka is. The last game in Japan between Wallabies and All Blacks, most Japanese were supporting All Blacks. I think people like the Haka and relate to the All Blacks.


Jaswant: True. Then why no Cibi?


Jone is quiet. After a long pause, a voice calls out from the dark.


Not even God knows. Its hard to understand irrational acts by applying the framework of widely accepted logic. That's why we are all so confused.


Jone : (Startled) Who is that? Who said that.


Only me says Jone's 5 year old son Timoci who hasn't yet started attending Church.


Yeah, fundamentalism has no rational explanation.


Says Jaswants 4 yr old boy, who hasn't yet been introduced to the wisdom imparted by the Pundits.


Joe is smiling, there is hope yet!


Croz Walsh said...

Fiji tells me the blogs are blocked again, all except Fiji Today that's on a satellite link and RFN. Is your blog getting through? Any idea on rhe reason (an excalation of PERS?), how long it's likely to last, and how I can help my Fiji readers to see my blog?

Is there any way we can communicate by email?

Me said...

Leave your comments online for now.