Friday, May 8, 2009

News or Propaganda ?

At the risk of being accused of justifying media restrictions, it is important in the interest of balance to take a closer look at the allegations levelled against the IG for banning certain foreign journalists from either reporting in Fiji or entering our beautiful nation.
It is vital in the intrest of a free media, to report both sides of the story and allow the readers to make up their own minds. It is not for the reporters to convince people to form their opinions for or against a subject matter. Our job is to provide credible and balanced reports and let the people decide.
So lets take a closer look .


Every country on this planet has at some stage disallowed entry to someone.


Take New Zealand for example, the Kiwis banned George Nacewa , the son of a civil servant. Can you believe that ? This young student did nothing wrong , and he was banned from re-entering NZ and had to miss his exams.


The Kiwis even banned the goalkeeper of the Fiji soccer team because his father is a member of the disciplined forces. What wrong had these guys done?


The Australians banned Snoop Doggy Dog from entering because he would be a negative influence on the youth of that country.


The beacon of human right, the mighty Americans, have a list that must run for miles on persons not allowed to enter their country. On grounds of national security. The conduct of these persons or their associations with other persons poses a threat to the national security of the United States. A lot of it on suspicion only.


A friend tells the story of how his/her cousin was detained at an American airport. After being grilled for a number of hours, it emerged that he/she had borrowed some books on WW2 history with some detailed descriptions on 1950's weaponry from a library in the U.S that was on a F.B.I watch list. Don't believe it? Suit yourself.


We all know somebody who has been denied a visa to enter Australia, NZ, USA or some other country. Same thing.


And so, we have a certain so-called journalist who thinks he has a god given right to jet in and out as and when he wishes.


We are a small country sir, but we are a sovereign nation. The citizens of this country expect our authorities to maintain law and order.

If a journalist does their job to report fairly and with balance, that's a different story. But what about someone who is publishing a blog filled with rumour , speculation and innuendo aimed at humiliating senior public figures and even inciting unrest and mutiny.


There is a story being peddled by this NZ based self-proclaimed journalist that the Commander of the FMF had an attachment with the Chilean navy ages ago and then goes on to very mischievously suggest that this somehow has a bearing on what's happening in Fiji now.


I-War 101. The Big Lie Theory! Dont let the truth get in the way of a good story.


But just hold up a second!


NZ Forces and Australian forces have trained the Kopassus in Indonesia who went on a rampage in East Timor, they have trained Afghani units who aren't exactly known for their "softly-softly" approach. And lets not even go into the "keeni-meeni" missions! We don't see the heads of the Australian or NZ Defence Forces being subjected to such slander and character assassination.


There has been a long standing tradition for FMF officers to train in NZDF Command and Staff College in Wellington and at Duntroon in Australia. Does this mean that NZ and Australia are responsible for the coups we've had? Why single out the Chilean attachment?


Whats next? Accuse an FMF officer who has been through the American officer training facility in Hawaii (a highly rewarding experience, we are told) of being complicit in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo?


What hypocrisy and rumour mongering!


That's where this bloke crosses the line. Using bits and pieces of hearsay to try and conjure up an image in order to achieve a political objective.


That's not journalism, that's propaganda.


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Very balanced article, well done!

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