Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fly on the Wall : Yagoona Meeting

Cont from last post..
Sorry for the break. The haet has definitely been on, had to keep my head down. Somebody has told Kissinger that somebody is leaking news from this fine Ministry to the "F%$@# internet"" . Its a blog, Its a blog, Its a bolg. But anayway, I have a story to tell and here it is....
Taliban is having a say too. This bloke thinks he is the authority on all matters related to this fine Ministry. And he has his sight set firmly on the No. 2 job.


Yes, he thinks he is in with a chance.


Kissinger looks worried. Well he's always got a frown on his forehead, but this time he's really worried. Because as soon as he sat down he said" This time Im really worried". That's how I know.


You see , the "We Love Fiji So Much We Live Overseas Front" held their meeting in some place called Yagoona. As soon as Kissinger says Yagoona he raises his eyebrows and tilt his head towards the ledge next to the windows at the back of the room.


This is my clue to mix the grog . I hope they don't talk about this bloody place called Yagoona too often because I think it reminds Kissinger of Yagona. And you know what that means. Me mixing the grog, but my ears are tuned right into what Kissinger, Brutus and the rest of this motley crue are discussing.


The word came from "The Place that Must Only be Spoken of in Whispers" that the  Col Sa-Dro-Ga addressed a gathering of 40 and spoke of the need to return our country to democracy.


Brutus coughs, not the cough that comes with the flu that is going through at the moment but a nervous cough. Ive always had my doubts about Brutus, is he playing both sides?


Anyway, Kissinger says that those from "The Place that Must Only be Spoken of in Whispers" want answers.


Answers! Boy are we in trouble. Because you see those of us here at the Minstry of Floundering Affairs are after one thing and one thing only and answers to political dilemmas isn't it.


Overseas Postings.


We have to send a report to the The Place that Must Only be Spoken of in Whispers" on how may people were there and anyone of note . "They Who Cant be Discussed in Loud Voices" want to know if our people in Kangaroo Land were in attendance and sent a report.


Oh boy,are we in trouble I thought to myself.


Do "They Who Cant be Discussed in Loud Voices" really think that our best and brightest in Kangaroo Land don't have anything better to do that keeping watch on the "We Love Fiji So Much We Live Overseas Front".


Ha! And that too on the weekend. Double Ha! They'll be drunk as a Tailevu Rugby player after a win over Nadroga in the Fairbrother challenge.


Mata Hari shoots a look at Brutus and quickly breaks eye contact and looks straight over at me. She's got that look on her face which says "Does he know?" He hehe. If only she knew. I quickly start spinning the grog, first bowl to Kissinger who downs the sa- soko grog in one gulp.


"Wai dala!" He says. Put some more Kava in there. I do as Im told.
To be cont...

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