Thursday, March 6, 2008

Calls for Accountability Grows Louder

The chorus around the nation only gets louder.
The controvesy over the millions lying in overseas accounts in the name of MPC has only grown over the last week.
MPC is now saying he will sue the Fiji Time for a BILLION dollars. Yeah right.
The CLEAN UP campaign must now demonstrate to the people fo Fiji that it is true to its original intention.
Corruption must be eliminated.
And the place to start is with MPC.
Time for MPC  to step aside while an independent investigation is undertaken into the affairs of MPC. There are well qualified and experienced people who can do the job better than him. Filipe Bole has served the nation all his life. Sitiveni Rabuka's experience is invaluable. Poseci Bune is a true son of the soil who will never betray his mother land.
Where did the money come from?
What was it for?
How much more is there in other countries?
How much was given as cash ?
How much did Rajend Chaudhry get out when he came back ?
MPC must answer these questions. The people demand answers.
And the harrasment fo those who seek justice and truth must stop. The Fiji Concerned Young Peoples Network are only asking the questions that all Fijians want answers for. The harrasment of its leaders like Peter Waqavonovono and Imraaz Iqbal must stop. They have not broken any laws.

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Anonymous said...

Good call Loyal - people are not fools and the Interim Govt will lose whatever support it has if it does not deal with this.

Mahend Chaudary needs to explain where the money came from since he was in Australia, NZ and Canada collwcting money. As one of the donors that money was never meant for him but for the poor displaced farmers in Fiji!!