Monday, May 26, 2008

Chaudhry Jr attacks FICAC

For once I agree with Mr Chaudhry. No, Not the Big faller, Chaudhry Jr in this case.

Rajendra Chaudhry says the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) is "incompetent".

While it may have taken Junior 2 more years than the rest of Fiji to relaise this, at least finally he has. So we will give him some credit. Yes, Jr it is incompetent as Loyal Fijian has highlighted in numerous posts throughout FICAC'S existence.

Which other organisation will get someone like Nasir Ali to run around posing for photographs for newspapers in the name of fighting corruption? For heavens sake, ask any Police Office in Fiji, Nasir Ali is one of the most corrupt people going around.

So yes, Junior, for once we agree.

Chaudhry Jr said  the commission should have been named the "Fiji Incompetent Commission Against Corruption".

Easy now Jr. Lets not get carried away in anger. After all, your daddy does have a lot to do with this bad boy. Look at all the people who who are employed by FICAC.

It is joke among public servants that FICAC agents are falling over each other to secure the "training mission" to Malaysia. That's all they care about. "Malaysia here I come " should be the official FICAC logo.

Mr Chaudhry's outburst follows his recent acquittal by the court over a charge of obstructing a FICAC officer.

Somebody failed to read the final act of the script aye or is there someone on FICAC who doesn't exactly work to daddy's instructions?

Mr Chaudhry said FICAC has incompetent staff who were overpaid.

Ohhhhh, now now Junior. Calm down. Take a cold shower. When FICAC agents go around abusing innocent people in their offices , that's all right aye. But when Jr takes a ride to the station, that's because FICAC agents are overpaid and incompetent. Of course , they are overpaid and incompetent.

They are rejects from the organisations that they ave come from. Failures who wouldn't get a job investigating the disappearance of bubu's sulu from the clothes line, let alone corruption in the system.

"They are going on a witch-hunt. They don't have a clue as to what they are doing. It is a joke," he said.

It is no secret that Jr is beginning to worry a little about the "end-game". Who gets what?  Who gets to play that age-less , ever relevant figure in all the great epcis through out history, the FALL-GUY!

So Jr blames Aiyaz Kahiyum aye!!!! Well, well, well.

How the machine works.

Is it because Aiyaz Kahiyum is close to Shamima Ali who is close  Shaista Shameem who is close to Imrana Jalal who is close to the boys in uniform. And have some boys had enough of the empire building of the Chaudhrys.

Just a thought. 

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